Brakes squeaking? Does it sound like your brakes are making noise? Don’t worry our trained technicians will diagnose the problem (Free of Charge) and offer a solution to get you back on the road and worry-free. We know brakes and do everything from replacements, turn rotors, and fluid changes. And as always we will conduct a comprehensive check to ensure your vehicle is in top performing shape.

Inspection: All brake checks and diagnosis is 100% Free.

Replacements: We offer quality replacement brakes, from brands like Bendix, Akebono, Avios, Jurid, and OEM options. All the brands we carry either meet or exceed manufacturing specs.

Turn Rotors: Any brake rotor or drum size, we can turn them all.

Fluid Change: Dot 3, Dot 4, Dot 5 brake fluid exchange.


Issues starting your vehicle? Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem (Free of Charge) and see what is causing your vehicle issues. We will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis to see if your vehicle needs a battery replacement, cables replaced, or another solution.

Inspection: All battery checks and diagnosis is 100% Free.

Replacements: We offer 100% brand new battery replacements.

Cables: Sometimes it’s a simple cable that needs to be replaced, we have all the replacement battery cables for your vehicle.


Radiator leaks do happen from time to time, so it’s important to have an expert inspect and diagnose your vehicle. Our trained team of technicians can repair a leaky hose, replace a leaking radiator, or a radiator flush. We work on all makes and models and offer a complete solution to your radiator service needs.

Inspection: All radiator checks and diagnosis is 100% Free.

Leaks & Repairs: We only offer radiator replacements for any radiator leaks or damages.

Hoses: Leaking or faulty hose, we can replace all hoses.

Radiator Flush: Keep your radiator running its best with a complete radiator flush and fluid replacement.